The 1911 vs the Staccato 2011: What’s the Difference (and Similarities)

No one’s arguing that the 1911 has a timeless design. After all, millions of people around the world still use this century-old design for a variety of reasons today. But in the 2000s, some intrepid gunsmiths set out to breathe new life into this old workhorse. The end result is the 2011 series of pistols, made famous by Staccato. In this post, we’ll look at some of the differences and similarities between the classic 1911 and the newer Staccato 2011 design and answer the age-old question: will a 2011 fit in a 1911 holster.

1911 Black Leather Holster

Similarities Between the 1911 and Staccato 2011

First things first: let’s go over some of the similarities between the 1911 and the 2011. Since the 2011 was based on the 1911’s classic design, they have several related parts. For example, the slide assembly of the 1911 and 2011 are nearly identical. In addition, the guns both share many common internal parts including the extractor, ejector, disconnector, recoil spring, firing pin, and firing spring.

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Differences Between the 1911 and Staccato 2011

First and foremost, let’s look at the biggest difference between the 1911 and 2011: caliber. While it may sound like heresy to a 1911 purist, Staccato chambers most 2011s in 9mm. That’s a big difference from the original 1911, which John Browning built around the 45 ACP cartridge that he had just developed.

That means that a Staccato may not deliver the 45 ACP’s famed stopping power. But it also translates into one big difference: higher capacity. Since 9mm cartridges are smaller than 45 ACP, you can fit nearly double the amount of ammo into a 2011’s double-stack magazines. However, this also necessitates a wider trigger. As a result, 1911 and 2011 triggers are not interchangeable.

Finally, there’s one last major difference between 2011s and 1911s: their grips. While the 1911 makes use of a classic metal-framed grip with screw-on panels, the 2011 is a little different. It uses a three-piece grip module system that combines metal and polymer components.

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Will a 2011 Fit in a 1911 Holster?

All these differences may not seem like a huge deal at first. But they can actually make a big impact. For example, if you’re wondering whether a 2011 will fit in a 1911 holster, you’re out of luck. Some 1911 holsters may nearly fit a 2011 in them. But to truly get the right fit, you’re going to need a custom gun holster for your 2011, Staccato or otherwise.

That’s where Southern Trapper comes in. Regardless of whether you have a 2011 made by Staccato or anyone else, we can build the perfect custom gun holster. Whether you need an inside the waistband (IWB), outside the waistband (OWB), or shoulder holster, we can craft a durable, snug-fitting holster to keep your 2011 ready at all times. We make each holster out of durable and stylish alligator leather and back it with our 100-year guarantee. Don’t settle for less - check all of our custom gun holster styles here.

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