Dan Wesson Holsters

We have selected our most popular holsters made specifically for your Dan Wesson firearm. The options range from IWB leather holsters, OWB leather holsters, leather shoulder holsters, leather cross-draw holsters, and leather pocket holsters.

Molded Like A firm handshake

Each Dan Wesson leather holster is made one-at-a-time and molded for your specific firearm. You will NOT feel loose retention like you would with an off-the-shelf holster.

Versatility & Comfort

A dual carry leather holster for your Dan Wesson firearm is going to allow you to carry inside the waistband or outside the waistband.

Why Leather over kydex

Carrying a leather holster for your Dan Wesson is going to be ideal due to the comfort, protection of your firearms finish, and traditional look. Carrying your Dan Wesson in a kydex holster may cut costs, but you could compromise the finish of your gun and you may deal with discomfort of the hard plastics.

Red Dot optics or iron sights?

Red dot sights may have started with competition shooters, but have found a common place with most EDC firearms these days. They give you a window to look through with ease of visibility that iron sights can lack, especially as your eyes age. Customizing your IWB or OWB holster for a red dot optic can be a wonderful upgrade if you are wanting the precision that the red dot optic offers.