Bul Armory Holsters

Bul Armory was founded in 1990 and may not be as old as some of it's competitors. However, they have quickly gained a great reputation in the shooting community. Whether you are conceal carrying their 3.25" Ultralight or open carrying the 5" Tac Pro, the holsters below will fit like a glove and keep your Bul Armory in brand new condition.

The perfect driving holster

The Cross Draw is a sleek durable leather outside-the-waistband holster, that will rise to the occasion when you need it. This is the perfect OWB leather holster for someone sitting or driving long distances. It will keep your firearm out of the way of your seatbelt and take pressure off your body.

It's All in the details

Our OWB or IWB leather holsters are designed for an easy and reliable draw and reholster. Each holster has excellent retention and your firearm will be securely positioned in the holster. The holster covers the full barrel and trigger guard of your firearm.

Gun Belts That Never Sag

What sets the Everyday Leather Gun Belt apart is it's remarkable balance between sturdiness and suppleness. While it's robust enough to handle your everyday adventures or on duty, it remains remarkably supple, providing comfort throughout your day. This belt will have the strength to hold any Bul Armory pistol you equip to it.

iwb metal clips or iwb leather clips?

If you have decided that you want to carry your firearm inside the waistband. You may come across holsters with metal clips or leather clips to attach to your gun belt. A metal clip is going to typically allow you to change the cant of your holster, rise position, and be thinner. On the other hand, a leather IWB loop may be more traditional looking and be easier on your belt's finish. However, the leather loops typically do not allow for a change of rise.