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100-Year Warranty

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My experience with Southern Trapper has been excellent, both in regards to customer service and the craftsmanship that was put into my holster. I comfortably wear my holster and the custom belt to match daily. These quality products truly are heirlooms that will be past down to my boys some day. Thank you Southern Trapper.

Don B

Fantastic Quality Belt. I ordered this a few months back and have been wearing it everyday since I got it and it is just fantastic quality gator skin and workmanship is perfection, so good in fact I have just ordered one of their hornback crocodile belts. Can't wait to get that one!!

Scott S

The feel of the leather and quality build is well worth the wait. This is by the far, THE MOST comfortable IWB holster I have ever worn. The holster broke in very nicely and easily. I could probably sleep with this holster on and not know I’ve got it on until I needed it. Drawing from the holster is very smooth and quick, but again I would be remiss in failing to admit that I’m comparing the draw stroke of a triple threat duty holster. However, in comparison to a pocket holster, it is still quite smooth. As for the company, I can’t say much as I’ve only had interaction via email which they were quick to respond. Oh almost forgot, I guess I did have a quick phone conversation regarding sizing of the leather belt I ordered in June. Like the holster and Heinz Ketchup, I’m waiting in slow anticipation, but I’ll know it will be so good. Next, I’ll probably order some grips for my 1911.