"The Southern Trapper" Alligator R8 by Blaser

This incredible masterpiece is made entirely from genuine American alligator skin. This ultra-exclusive collection took over two years to painstakingly craft entirely by hand by Blaser's Custom Shop in Germany. Each alligator skin was sustainably harvested and hand selected after tanning by Captain Bligh, the Grand Imaginator at Southern Trapper.








blaser r8 alligator rifle

"A Generational Tale" - Capt Bligh  

"This magnificent piece is more than a weapon, it's a one-of-a-kind tool that will be cherished and passed down for generations. The story of the alligator R8 started in 2018 and took over two years to mature into this prestigious state. The memories created while hunting are some of the most unforgettable and are often passed down as family legends. When developing the idea of the alligator rifle, I wanted to build something extraordinary that families would carry with pride for generations. Blaser's Custom Shop, home to the most talented bespoke craftsmen in the world, transformed this generational concept into the most lavish functional piece of art in the history of weaponry. Each detail was carefully planned, you will notice that every thread is perfectly in line, like soldiers marching into battle. This is truly an heirloom piece and the ultimate status symbol." - Capt Bligh


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Genuine Alligator Skin

Wrestled by hand, each rifle is made from a single genuine alligator skin and no two rifles are alike. Treated and conditioned for the elements, this rifle is ready for Mother Nature's worst.

Available In 45+ Calibers

This modular bolt-action rifle is available in Mini, Standard, and Magnum calibers, allowing you to shoot anything from a .22 to a .458 Lott. Click here for a list of available calibers.

Comfortable Thumbhole Stock

The ergonomically optimized stock provides a relaxed posture for your hands and arms in any shooting position. Vexatious flinching is reduced to a minimum with this comfortable design.


Barrel and saddle mount form one accurate unit: notches machined into the top of the barrel, directly above the chamber, insure while your barrel freely floats your point of impact remains constant.

Desmodromic Trigger Mechanism

Maximum reliability – even when iced or heavily soiled. The trigger system of the R8 is force-controlled. Cycling the receiver automatically resets the trigger.

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Most Advanced Features

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Blaser precision trigger

The desmodromic trigger mechanism guarantees your trigger will function even when iced or heavily soiled. The mechanical advantage of a simple lever will ensure success even in the harshest conditions. When things are going your way a 900g trigger, without creep, will turn that thought impulse into action.

Optimum barrel bedding

The large-scale bedding of the barrel exclusively in the solid receiver guarantees repeatable accuracy when exchanging the barrel. Stock deformation due to extreme weather can never affect the position of the barrel. Blaser's radial locking system provides stable and reliable accuracy: The extremely strong, concentric locking system locks directly in the barrel without any rotary motion. 14 locking surfaces provide 360 degree engagement.

Forged barrel and chamber

Precision and durability: The barrel and chamber are cold hammer forged at the same time for most calibers. Barrel and chamber are perfectly concentric.

Perfect stock design

The relaxed shooting position of the hand reduces the risk of flinching. Blaser stocks, with their distinct palm swell and optimal cast, provide the ideal grip. The thumbhole stocks of the R8 Success models go even further: thanks to a completely relaxed wrist and arm posture, shooting accuracy is significantly enhanced in any firing position.

Manual cocking system

For decades, Blaser’s manual cocking system has set the benchmark. It is acknowledged as one of the safest in the world. There is no mechanical safety system that guarantees the safety of an uncocked firing spring. The R8 is cocked the very moment before shooting. Should the shot not be taken, by simply pressing down on the cocking lever, it will slide back smoothly, decocking the rifle.

Protection against misuse

If the R8 with integrated trigger guard is taken out, the cocking lever can not be set in cocked position. This is without doubt the safest protection against unauthorized use!

No unintentional bolt opening

If the R8 is decocked with a locked bolt, the bolt handle is blocked. To safely open the bolt, the cocking lever needs to be moved slightly forward (approx. 3mm/1.8"), but not cocked, while simultaneously pulling back on the bolt handle.

Quick take down – easily cleaned

Even when in the bush, the R8 can be taken down and reassembled within a few seconds. Snow, dirt, leaves or needles are easily removed.

Locked magazine

The R8 magazine is only released when simultaneously pressing both release buttons. Accidental drop out of the magazine by unintentionally pushing the release buttons is thus virtually impossible. In addition, both release buttons can be locked by a lever inside the magazine.

Excellently protected

The closed construction of the R8 receiver prevents damage caused by foreign objects. When the magazine is stored outside the rifle, a protective cover keeps the dirt out. All metal parts are either made of rustproof material or protected against corrosion with a specific finish. The inside of the barrel and chamber are polished and only need conventional care.

In-line repeating

Fast as lightning with a relaxed posture: The bolt handle is located in an ergonomically perfect position, just above the trigger guard. Rifle and eye remain focused on the target giving more time to aim exactly and ensure a perfect shot.

"Blind” magazine exchange

Easy and fast: The magazine buttons can be operated “blindly” due to their perfect positioning above the trigger. When pushing on both buttons at the same time, the magazine releases straight into the shooter’s hand. A second, loaded magazine can be inserted extremely quickly without looking.

Double loading option

The R8 can be loaded and unloaded in two ways: with the magazine taken out or left inside the rifle. With an open bolt, cartridges can be inserted or removed from the top of the magazine very quickly and easily.

Short cut

The unique design of the R8 magazine above the trigger allows the overall length of the R8 to be significantly shorter than any conventional bolt action rifle.

Perfect balance

The well-balanced weight distribution allows for fast handling and quick target acquisition.

Easy take-down

More comfort when stalking over long distances: The R8 ist stripped down, packed away and reassembled in a matter of seconds without the slightest change in the point of impact.

Around the world with one rifle

Trigger, stock length, handling – everything remains just the way you are used to. Thanks to interchangeable barrels, the R8 is the ideal companion on all continents no matter what kind game you are hunting.

Changing rifle scopes easily

Every barrel is prepared for the Original Blaser Saddle Mount, so each rifle scope and illuminated dot sight that is zeroed to the barrel can be interchanged.