Custom Revolver Holsters - Available by Southern Trapper

Discover the Unparalleled Quality of Our Custom Revolver Holsters.

Our revolver holsters have earned a global reputation for their unparalleled craftsmanship, durability, and attention to detail, making them widely regarded as the finest in the world. Meticulously handcrafted by skilled artisans, these holsters seamlessly blend traditional craftsmanship with modern innovation. The use of high-quality materials, such as premium leather and robust stitching, ensures longevity and reliability. Our commitment to precision and functionality is evident in every aspect of our revolver holsters, providing a secure and comfortable fit for various firearm models. Our brand's dedication to excellence has solidified its status as the go-to choice for discerning gun enthusiasts and professionals alike, making our revolver holsters truly stand out as the epitome of superior quality in the industry.

Custom Alligator Holster

Black leather revolver holster

Beaver Tail Trim Holster

custom leather revolver holster

Full Alligator Holster

black alligator revolver holster

"Glory Hole" Alligator Holster

custom alligator revolver holster

OWB Alligator Holster

owb alligator revolver holster

Brown Alligator Holster

open carry revolver holster

Brown Leather Holster w/ Thumb Break

brown leather revolver holster

Black Alligator OWB Scabbard Holster

black alligator revolver holster

Rancher Style Revolver Holster

revolver leather holster

Dual Carry Leather Holster

iwb black leather revolver holster

Custom OWB Alligator Holster

brown alligator revolver holster

Black & Gold Alligator Holster

black and gold revolver holster

Left Handed Revolver Holster

left handed revolver holster

Leather Revolver & Matching Moon Pouch

leather revolver holster with moon pouch

OWB Brown Leather Holster

right handed leather revolver holster

Custom Left Handed Holster

revolver holster with thumb break

Western Purse Holster

revolver purse holster

Brown Alligator Holster With Matching Speed Loader Pouch

Alligator revolver holster with red dot optic

IWB Custom Alligator Holster

IWB alligator revolver holster

Custom Alligator Holster With Thumb Break

Light brown alligator revolver holster

King Snake Holster

colt revolver holster

Custom Leather OWB Holster With Thumb Break

Western Revolver Holster

OWB Camo Holster

camo revolver holster

Black Pocket Holster

pocket holster for a revolver

Holster With Thumb Break

brown leather owb holster for revolver

MVP Holster

Dual carry revolver holster

Revolver With Red Optic

holster for revolver with red dot optic

Black Leather IWB Holster

revolver iwb holster

Black Shark Holster

black shark owb holster

Brown Alligator OWB Holster

brown alligator revolver holster

Brown Alligator Scabbard Holster

brown alligator scabbard holster

Shark Skin Holster

shark skin revolver holster

Rancher Revolver Holster

Black Leather Revolver Holster

The Nighthawk Holster

Revolver Holster With Thumb Break

Full Alligator Holster

Alligator Revolver Holster

Brown Leather Appendix Holster

brown leather appendix holster

OWB Scabbard Holster

OWB Scabbard Revolver Holster

Alligator Pocket Holster

alligator pocket holster for revolver

Black Appendix Holster

appendix revolver holster

Dual Carry Black Holster

dual carry revolver holster

MVP Revolver Holster

iwb revolver holster


Photos from our proud customers showing off their custom revolver holsters.

Custom Shark Holster

Shark Revolver Holster

Black Alligator Revolver Holster

Black alligator korth holster

Custom Alligator Holster

smith & wesson alligator holster

Basket Weave Holster

brown leather revolver holster

Custom Nighthawk Revolver Holster

brown and black alligator holster

Custom Alligator Holster

Black Alligator Revolver Holster

Cognac & Black Alligator Holster

owb alligator holster for revolver

OWB Leather Holster With Thumb Break

black leather revolver holster

IWB Leather Holster

iwb revolver holster

Cognac Alligator Holster

reolver holster with thumb break

Custom Snake Holster

snake holster for revolver

Korth Revolver Holster

custom korth revolver holster

Leather Scabbard Holster

Leather Scabbard Holster

Custom IWB Leather Holster

IWB Leather Holster For Revolver