How To Break In A Leather Holster

Break In A Leather Holster

Your holster has been handmade to fit your gun and will be a very snug fit at first. Our holsters are like baseball gloves, you need to break them in before playing in the World Series. It may be stiff and tight, but don’t worry, that is how they are intended to fit.

You can break your holster in gradually by putting your UNLOADED gun into a plastic ziplock bag or thin dress sock, then by inserting the gun into the holster. Let it sit for 24 hours and the leather will start to stretch. After 24 hours, the holster will have stretched. Remove the firearm from the bag/sock and re-holster your unloaded firearm into the holster and wear the holster on your belt and continuously draw and re-holster the firearm. The leather will continue to gradually break in the more that you wear and draw the firearm from the holster.

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