The Captains Club

The Captains Club

  • Early Access To New Products Each Month
  • 7-Day Shopping Spree
  • Free Knife & Pint Sleeve ($145 Value)
  • Free Shipping For 1 Year

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Join The Captains Club

If you are not familiar with the Club, it’s essentially a members only shopping experience unlike any other. This year's Captains Club will be very different from years past. Continue down this page to learn what you'll receive and why you should join the Captains Club. Your membership will NOT auto-renew each year, if you decide to remain in the club, you'll have to join again next year. 

Knife & Pint Sleeve

Each member will receive one Captains Club knife with shark skin sheath and one bison leather pint glass sleeve. These items are not sold separately, you must be a member of the Captains Club to receive. Glass not included.

Limited Edition
Mini Pocket Knife

This pocket knife is intentionally designed to fit in the small pocket of your jeans that you always forget you had. You won't win any fights with it, but it will certainly come in handy.

Shopping Spree

On Monday Oct 21st 2024 through Sunday Dec 1st, we will be launching one new never-before-seen product each day. Only Captains Club members can participate in this weeklong shopping spree.

Early Access To
New Products

Each month we will release new products that Captains Club members will have early access to. Join now to lock in your access to our ultra-small batch manufactured items.


Captains Club members will receive free shipping on all of their orders.


Captains Club is offered year-round and can be signed up at anytime. If you want access to the current year's 7-day shopping spree, you must sign up before Oct 23rd.

Yes, all of the items ordered during the 7-day shopping spree will arrive before Christmas. Most of the items are in stock ready to ship within a few days. The few items that are made to order will ship before Christmas.

No. We will not emboss your initials on the knife sheath or pint sleeve.

You cannot choose the color of your free gifts. The knife sheaths are made from black shark and the pint sleeves are made from brown bison.

We will ship out the gift packages the week following the end of the shopping spree (Oct 30th-Nov 3rd).

No, your membership will not auto renew. We will send a reminder email to you when your membership is about to expire and at that time you can purchase it again.