Staccato Holsters

The highest quality leather holsters made by hand for the Staccato CS, Staccato C, Staccato C2, Staccato P, Staccato XC, and Staccato XL

Best In Quality

Staccato has been an ever evolving, award winning, and top-of-the-line firearm manufacturer. We know the importance of keeping your Staccato safe on your hip. Whether it be inside your waistband at appendix position, outside the waistband, or small of back. Our custom leather holsters will keep your Staccato secure, in pristine condition, and easily accessible when you need it most. Don't sacrifice your Staccato to an off-the-shelf mass-produced holster.

Built For Each Specific Staccato Model & Any Attachment

Upgrade your holster to be made for a red dot optic, light/laser, threaded barrel, compensator, and more.

IWB Holster For Staccato c2
Our Most Concealable Holster Yet

Why choose between comfort or concealability? When you can have both with one of our leather holsters. Our IWB holsters are made to be worn all day long and be virtually invisible to everyone around you.