1911 Holsters

Check out our most popular IWB and OWB 1911 leather holsters, designed for everyday carry, and any attachment or barrel length you have on your 1911. All of our holsters are made by hand in the US and designed to last generations.

Alligator Holsters

"OUTSTANDING product. The fit and quality is second to none! Will not be my last!" - Johnny P

1911 alligator leather holster
Full Coverage & Security

Every inside the waistband or outside the waistband 1911 leather holster will fully cover your firearms barrel for the ultimate protection.

What is the best 1911 leather holster?

The best 1911 leather holster is going to securely carry your firearm with adequate retention. Whether it be a IWB holster, OWB holster, or a shoulder holster, it must be made from the highest quality leather. Choosing a high holster is going to allow you to carry comfortably and keep your firearm in perfect condition for years to come.


The option of carrying concealed or open carry, will highly rely on your specific states laws and regulations. Conceal carrying a firearm has the advantage of keeping a piece of mind without bringing attention to yourself. On the other side open carrying may deter potential threats if your firearm is visible to the outside world. If you are unsure you can opt for a holster that is dual carry, allowing you to interchange carry style depending on the environment you are in.