Why a Sturdy Leather Gun Belt is Important for a Holster

It’s no secret that many of us who carry spend countless hours agonizing over choosing the right firearm or holster. But chances are, we consider our carry belt less frequently. That’s a huge mistake, since choosing the right belt is just as important as getting the perfect gun or holster. Below, we’ll take a look at the ideal gun belt styles and materials (like leather) for all kinds of carrying including CCW.

Choosing the Right Belt for Your Gun Holster

When it comes to picking out the perfect gun belt, you need to consider two main variables. First, you’ll want to settle on a material for your belt. In addition, you’ll need to factor in how you’re going to be using the belt. Are you looking for a gun belt for open carry or CCW? Both of these considerations are pretty important.

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Best Material for a Gun Belt: Sturdy Leather

We won’t lie: there’s no shortage of gun belt materials out there. You can find belts made from materials like nylon that involve strips of metal or kydex inserts to improve rigidity and stability. Canvas gun belts are also popular, thanks to their tough and durable weave and water-resistant design. And still other belts are made from webbing, or a type of multi-fabric material that combines canvas, nylon, and polyester together.

All of these belts have their own strengths. For example, canvas or webbing belts make great “tactical” belts. You can easily deck them out with a holster, pouches for extra magazines and other gear, or even a strap for a friend to pull you out of a tough spot.

But unless you’re going to be deploying in an active combat zone or running a 3-gun competition, all these bells and whistles are completely unnecessary. Instead, one material has the perfect combination of durability and rigidity, and is also low-key enough to wear in public.

We’re talking, of course, about leather gun belts. Gun belts made from leather are sturdy enough to give you a smooth draw (unless you have a massive hand cannon). What’s more, they don’t draw much attention. That’s good for tons of applications, from carrying for work to a trip to the grocery store.

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Choosing the Best CCW Gun Belt

When it comes to concealed carrying, a sturdy leather belt really is your only choice. You can’t just choose any regular leather belt, though. Instead, you’re going to want a belt that’s custom-made for concealed carrying. Many companies have their own ways of doing this, but all you really need is two layers of durable, thick leather stitched together.

Look for belts with a thickness of around 1.5mm. Your leather gun belt should also be 1.5 inches wide. That’s the sweet spot when it comes to balancing a low-profile belt with the sturdiness you need in a gun belt. Otherwise, you may start to experience “gun belt sag,” a phenomenon where the weight of your gun and holster will bend the leather material of your belt.

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