Which 1911 Custom Gun Holster is Best For You?

Looking for the perfect holster for your 1911? As the old saying goes, “gear depends on the mission.” As a result, the ideal 1911 gun holster will depend on what you’re using it for. Generally, holsters fall into one of four categories:

  • Inside the Waistband (IWB): a holster that straps onto a belt but remains inside the waistband of your pants, between your pants and your underwear (or bare skin if you go commando). Ideal for concealed carry.
  • IWB 1911 Holster

  • Outside the Waistband (OWB): a holster that straps to your belt outside of your pants. Some OWB holsters can function for concealed carry if you keep them stashed beneath a low-hanging shirt or jacket.
  • OWB 1911 Holster
  • Dual Carry: a holster that can be worn both OWB and IWB. The holster generally has both belt slots (for OWB) and metal clips (for IWB) that can be mounted onto the holster.
  • Custom 1911 Leather Holster
  • Shoulder Holster: a holster suspended from a strap that you wear around your shoulders. A shoulder holster generally has your gun just beneath your armpit. You can easily conceal a shoulder holster under a jacket, and they’re great for anyone who may need to draw while sitting down (think driving or desk work).

  • 1911 Shoulder Holster

    At Southern Trapper, we can tailor you any kind of custom gun holster to fit your 1911. Whether you need an IWB, OWB, or shoulder holster for your 1911, we can craft one that fits your gun perfectly. That includes guns with modifications like a red dot optic or a tactical light.