What to Look For in a Leather Gun Holster Belt

When it comes to concealed carry, we’ve got our own holy trinity. And it consists of your gun, your holster, and your belt. Each of these components forms an important piece of your individual concealed carry puzzle. We’ll be taking a look at one of these ingredients in today’s post: a leather gun holster belt for men.

What to Look For in a Leather Gun Holster Belt

While it would be nice, there’s no “one size fits all” gun belt. Instead, you’re going to want to choose a belt based on your individual needs. For example, if you have a sturdy leather belt with a big buckle, it may not be the right choice for appendix carry. The buckle may get in the way of your holster if you try to carry in the appendix position. However, this same belt may be fine if you’re just carrying outside your waistband on your strong side.

Some self-proclaimed gun gurus will tell you that you need a metal strip running through your gun belt. That’s not strictly necessary, though. Sure, a metal strip can be helpful if you’re carrying some kind of huge, heavy gun like a revolver. They’re also useful if you open carry a gun for work and you use a holster with some kind of retention.

You’ll also want to make sure your belt has the right size buckle. If you keep a holster attached to your belt, you want to make sure that the buckle can fit through your belt loops. Otherwise, it’s going to be a pain in your keister to remove your holster every time you put your belt on.

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Nylon vs Leather Gun Belt Material

Another thing you’ll want to consider when it comes to your gun belt is material. Today, you can find most gun belts in one of two materials: leather or nylon. There’s still plenty of debate raging around the nylon vs leather gun belt material question. But when it comes to concealed carry, leather is generally the better option.

That’s because leather is a much sturdier material than nylon is. As a result, nylon belts will generally require a metal insert to stay tough and rigid. In contrast, two layers of leather stitched together can offer all the structural integrity you need.

Here’s another factor to consider. When you’re wearing a nylon gun belt, it looks like you’re wearing a nylon gun belt. It won’t blend in as well with your daily attire. But a leather belt can actually improve your concealed carry game. That’s especially true if you’re planning on tucking your shirt in while carrying.

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If you’re considering using a leather gun belt to complete your concealed carry ensemble, you’re in the right place. At Southern Trapper, we handcraft sturdy leather gun holster belts for men that are both functional and stylish. They’re perfect for concealed carrying, or even open carrying if that’s your fancy. Learn more about our leather gun holster belts for men here.

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