Leather Holsters For Sig Sauer

1911 3.3 w/ RMR Sight P220 Legion Full Size (4.4″ BL) P229 Legion Compact p320 RXP Full Size
1911 C3 P220 Legion Full Size (5″ BL) P229 Legion RXP p320 RXP X Compact
1911 Emperor Scorpion Full Size P220 R P229 Legion RXP Compact p320 RXP X Full Size
1911 Fastback Emperor Scorpion Full Size P224 P229 M11-A1 Compact P320 Spectre comp
1911 Max Michel P225 P229 Nitron Compact p320 Subcompact
1911 Scorpion Carry w/4.2 P226 P229 Pro p320 Tac Ops
1911 Scorpion Carry w/5 P226 Combat P229 SAO Legion p320 TB
1911 Tradition P226 Elite P230 P320 X Carry
1911 w/3.25” P226 Enhanced Elite P232 P320 X-Compact
1911 w/3.3 P226 Equinox P238 P320 X-Five Legion
1911 w/4.2 P226 Equinox Elite P238 Equinox P320-XTen
1911 w/4.2 w/Rail P226 Gen 2 P238 Nitron Micro Compact P322
1911 w/5 P226 Legion P239 P365
1911 w/5 Barrel w/Rail P226 Legion RXP P250 Compact P365 w/ manual safety
1911R TacOps Officer Frame P226 Legion SAO P250 Full Size P365 SAS
1911R TacOps w/5″ P226 MK25 Full Size P250 Sub Compact P365 X
A1 P226 Nitron Full Size P290 P365 X Macro Tacops
M11-A1 P226 Pro Cut P320 AXG Classic P365 XL
M17 P226 RMR P320 AXG Equinox P365 XMacro
M18 P226 SAO Legion P320 AXG PRO P6
Mosquito P227 P320 AXG Scorpion P938
P 320 V-TAC P227 Combat p320 Compact P938 Equinox
P 320 X-Five P227 Gen 2 p320 Full size P938 Micro Compact
P220 P228 P320 M17 P938 SAS
P220 Carry Elite P229 P320 M18 P938 Scorpion
P220 Combat P229 Classic Carry P320 MAX SP 2340
P220 Compact P229 Combat p320 Nitron Compact SP2022
P220 Elite Compact P229 Enhanced Elite p320 Nitron Full Size X Carry
P220 Elite Full Size P229 Equinox Elite Compact p320 RX
P220 Equinox Full Size P229 Legion p320 RXP Compact

Custom Sig Sauer Holsters

Welcome to The Southern Trapper's premier collection of Sig Sauer Holsters, where luxury meets functionality. Handcrafted with precision and care, our leather holsters are designed to complement the superior quality of Sig Sauer firearms, providing unmatched comfort and reliability.

Our custom Sig Sauer holsters are tailored to fit each specific firearm, ensuring a secure and snug fit for optimal performance. Whether you prefer a concealed carry holster or an OWB (outside the waistband) holster, we have the perfect option to suit your needs.

At The Southern Trapper, we understand the importance of quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. That's why our Sig Sauer holsters are expertly crafted from the finest materials, delivering durability and style that you can trust.

Experience the difference of carrying your Sig Sauer firearm in a premium leather holster from The Southern Trapper. Explore our collection today and discover why discerning firearm enthusiasts choose us for their holster needs.

Elevate your carrying experience with The Southern Trapper and unlock the full potential of your Sig Sauer firearm. Shop now and experience the difference that quality craftsmanship makes.