Leather Holsters For Ruger

1911 SR Commander w/4.25 LC9 S LCR 22 Magnum SP101 w/2.50
Alaskan 2.5” (Super Redhawk) LC9 W/CT LCR 38 SP101 w/3
Alaskan 2.5”480 LC9 W/LM LCR w/CT Grips SP101 w/4.25
American 40 EC9S LCR X 1.87 SP101 w/4
American 45 LC 380 LCR-X 3 SR 9 E
American 9 LCP Max-9 SR compact
American 9 Compact LCP custom P89 SR22
American C-9 LCP II P90 SR22 Model 3620 4.5”
Bearcat LCP w/ CK-AMK P95 SR40
GP100 w/3 LCP w/LL Redhawk SR45
GP100 w/4.2 LCP w/LM Ruger 57 SR9
GP100 w/4 LCP Max Security 380 SR9c
LC9 LCR Security 9 Super Alaskan Redhawk
LC9 Pro LCR 0.357 SP101 w/2.25”

Custom Ruger Holsters

Welcome to The Southern Trapper, your premier destination for top-notch leather holsters meticulously crafted for Ruger firearms. Our commitment to quality ensures that each holster is not only a perfect fit for your Ruger, but also a pinnacle of comfort and style.

Discover Unparalleled Comfort:
Experience the epitome of comfort with our custom-designed Ruger holsters. Crafted from the finest leather, our holsters are tailored for each specific Ruger model, guaranteeing a snug fit that enhances both comfort and functionality.

Tailored for Your Firearm:
At The Southern Trapper, we understand the importance of a precise fit. Our holsters are designed with meticulous attention to detail, providing a secure and snug hold for your Ruger firearm. This tailored approach ensures ease of use and quick, reliable access when you need it most.

Versatility in Style:
Whether you prefer concealed carry or outside-the-waistband (OWB) holsters, we have you covered. Our extensive range caters to diverse preferences, allowing you to choose the style that best suits your needs. Our OWB holsters offer convenience and accessibility, while our concealed carry holsters prioritize discreet and comfortable wear.

Handcrafted Excellence:
Indulge in the artistry of handcrafted holsters. Our skilled artisans bring years of expertise to every creation, resulting in holsters that seamlessly blend style with functionality. The Southern Trapper ensures that each holster is a testament to craftsmanship and durability.

Customization to Reflect Your Style:
Elevate your carry experience with our customizable holsters. Choose from an array of leather colors and finishes to match your personal style. The Southern Trapper empowers you to personalize your holster, making it uniquely yours.

Explore the perfect synergy of comfort, style, and functionality with our Ruger holsters. Trust The Southern Trapper for a holster that goes beyond mere utility—it's an extension of your personal style and a testament to our dedication to excellence.

Secure your Ruger with a leather holster designed for perfection—choose The Southern Trapper today.