Leather Holsters For Kimber

1911 w/ 3 inch BL w/o rail DC Master Carry Ultra Sapphire Ultra II
1911 w/ 3 inch BL w/ rail Eclipse Custom 5 Micro 380 CC Solo Carry
1911 w/ 4 inch BL w/o rail Eclipse Ultra Carry II Micro 9 ST
1911 w/ 4 inch BL w/ rail Evo Micro 9 Black Ice Rapide Sapphire Pro II
1911 w/ 4.25 inch BL w/o rail K-6 Special Micro 9 CC Stainless II (5 BL)
1911 w/ 4.25 inch BL w/ rail K-6S DCR 2 Micro Advocate Stainless Ultra Raptor II
1911 w/ 5 inch BL w/o rail K-6s DASA 2 Micro CDP Super Carry Ultra +
1911 w/ 5 inch BL w/ rail K-6s DASA 3 Micro Raptor Super Carry Ultra HD
1911 w/ 6 inch BL w/o rail K-6 Target Micro sapphire Super Jagare 6
1911 w/6 inch BL w/ rail KDS9c Onyx Tactical Ultra II
Aegis Elite Custom KHX Custom Pro Carry II Tactical Pro II 4
Aegis Elite Pro KHX Pro Pro CDP 4 BL Ultra Carry II
Aegis II Lear Pro Tactical II 4 Ultra CDP 3 BL
Camp Guard 10mm LW Custom R7 Mako Ultra CDP II
Covert II LW Custom OI Rapide Warrior
CT LW Stainless Rapide Black Ice Warrior 5 w/Rail
Custom CDP 5 BL LW Stainless OI Raptor Pro II Warrior TFS
Custom II Master Carry RCP Ultra II (LG)

Custom Kimber Holsters

Explore The Southern Trapper's Kimber Holsters Collection!

Experience the pinnacle of comfort and craftsmanship with our premium leather holsters tailored specifically for Kimber firearms. At The Southern Trapper, we take pride in crafting the finest custom holsters designed to enhance your concealed carry experience.

Our Kimber holsters are meticulously handcrafted using the highest quality materials to ensure durability and reliability. Each holster is expertly designed to provide a snug and secure fit for your Kimber firearm, guaranteeing optimal retention and ease of draw.

Whether you prefer an OWB holster for effortless accessibility or a concealed carry holster for discreet protection, our selection caters to your individual needs and preferences. Experience unmatched comfort and functionality with our leather holsters, engineered to complement the sleek design of Kimber firearms.

Indulge in the luxury of custom craftsmanship and superior performance with The Southern Trapper's Kimber Holsters. Elevate your carry experience today with our meticulously crafted leather holsters.

Shop now and discover the perfect companion for your Kimber firearm.