How Have Custom 1911 Gun Holsters Developed?

The 1911’s nearly-perfect design has been unchanged for a century. You can’t say the same for 1911 gun holsters, though. The first 1911 holsters were custom jobs that a leatherworker (often a saddle maker) would convert from some other gun. They didn’t become standardized until 1912, when the Army released its official version of the holster.

Cowhide 1911 Holster

Even today, many 1911 gun holsters are custom made - but for different reasons. While you needed a custom 1911 holster back in the day because they were relatively new guns, today you need one because of the plethora of accessories you can attach to your 1911.

OWB Alligator Holster

While our ancestors didn’t have red dot sights for tactical lights to deal with, we do. And that can make a serious impact on which 1911 holster is best for your gun. That’s why at Southern Trapper, we can design a custom 1911 holster that fits your gun’s specific profile. Red dot? No problem. Tactical light? You got it. Whether you’re running an Ed Brown, Springfield, Dan Wesson, or any other model 1911, we can connect you with the perfect custom gun holster.

1911 Custom Holster