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How do you improve on one of the best selling handguns of all time? If you’re SIG, you cram even more capacity into a compact frame. Enter the P365X Macro, SIG’s new take on their popular P365 platform. Whether you’ve just picked up a new P365X Macro or you’re considering adding one to your arsenal, this post is for you. We’ll look at the new features the P365X Macro introduces vs the P365, along with the most comfortable holster for concealed carry and other applications.

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SIG P365X Macro vs P365

Like the original P365, the P365X Macro is designed as a concealed carry weapon. The gun’s subcompact size makes it easy to hide on your person, but its 9mm chambering gives it the firepower you need to emerge from any dangerous situation. Its sights also make it supremely shootable in either daytime or low-light conditions.

The biggest upgrade of the SIG P365X Macro over the P365 is its 17-round capacity. Previously, you could cram 17 rounds into a standard P365, but you’d need some extended magazines to do so. This, in turn, would make the firearm much less concealable, since it extended the grip’s profile (and the grip is the easiest part of a gun to spot when carrying concealed). But the Macro’s new double-stack magazines carry 17 rounds, boosting its capacity without compromising concealment.

Another huge improvement that SIG made with the P365X Macro is its integral compensator. SIG built a compensator into the gun’s slide, which channels the expanding gas propelling the bullet upwards. This results in a shooter feeling less upward recoil from every shot. That, in turn, makes follow-up shots much easier. That’s a huge benefit for a carry pistol, since you may be firing it under duress and need every possible edge over an opponent.

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What Kind of Holster Should I Get For My P365X Macro?

In spite of its bigger size and larger capacity than the standard P365, the P365X is a gun that’s very much designed for concealed carry. Even if it’s a little bigger than its predecessor, the P365X Macro is much smaller than a Glock 19, and people carry those concealed all the time. As a result, the best kind of holster out there for your P365X Macro is going to be one that’s designed for concealed carry applications.

However, since the P365X Macro is still a fairly new gun, there aren’t many holster companies out there making holsters for it. Fortunately, the Southern Trapper is one of the few that does.

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Find the Most Comfortable Concealed Carry Holster for Your P365X Macro at the Southern Trapper

If you’re searching for the most concealable and comfortable carry holster for your P365X Macro, you’re in the right place. At the Southern Trapper, our expert leathermen have been crafting custom-built holsters for years. Whether you’re running a stock P365X Macro or you’ve added some upgrades like an optic or tactical light, we can build you the perfect holster to suit your needs. To learn more, answer this simple four-question survey.

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