Do I Need a Tactical Light for My Concealed Carry Gun?

Do you really need a tactical flashlight for your concealed carry gun? The answer to this question depends on who you ask. Some will say that in a concealed carry scenario, you’re not going to have time to flip on a flashlight. Others say that tactical flashlights are absolutely necessary for a concealed carry weapon. In this post, we’ll look at the truth behind having a concealed carry weapon with a tactical light and the holster you’ll need for it.

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Should I Use a Tactical Flashlight on my Concealed Carry Weapon?

There are two main reasons you should consider adding a tactical flashlight to your concealed carry weapon. First involves having enough light for proper target acquisition. The next is more subtle and has to do with making contact shots. We’ll cover both here.

You Can’t Shoot What You Can’t See

This is probably the most obvious reason to add a tactical light to a concealed carry gun. If someone approaches you in a dark alley and you have to pull your gun on them, you want to make sure you know what you’re aiming at before you pull the trigger.

Drawing your gun will immediately trigger your adrenaline. That’s going to make a lot of your actions work on reflex alone. However, having enough light to see can help your unconscious decision making choose the right options. After all, you need to make sure the person approaching you is a legitimate threat. You don’t want to just smoke some homeless person asking for change late at night.

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Contact Shots

This isn’t often the main reason that people consider using a tactical light. But if you ever actually need a tactical light because you’re making contact shots, you’re going to be extremely happy you have them.

A “contact shot” is when you shoot an assailant literally point blank. This can occur if an attacker engages you in hand-to-hand-combat before you have the chance to fire your gun. It’s a desperate maneuver, and one that can definitely go wrong.

If you’re using a semi-auto pistol, pushing the muzzle of the gun against something can force the slide slightly backwards. When this happens, the weapon is no longer in battery. And if your weapon isn’t in battery, it won’t fire. Instead, you’ll pull the trigger and feel a strange, empty “click.”

However, adding a tactical light can help prevent this problem. If your light extends past the muzzle of your gun, the light will come in contact with an attacker before the slide does. And you can put as much pressure on your tactical light as you want – your gun will still go bang when you pull the trigger. This is a huge reason to consider adding a tactical flashlight to your weapon.

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Best Holsters for a Concealed Carry Gun with a Tactical Flashlight

Thinking about adding a tactical flashlight to your concealed carry weapon? If you do, you’re going to need a new holster for it to live in. Fortunately, our master leatherman has years of experience crafting custom holsters to suit any concealed carry weapon regardless of its accessories. To learn more, you can answer this simple survey to nail down your custom holster.

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