Can I Add a Red Dot or Tactical Light to My P365?

So you just picked up a shiny new P365 and you’re wondering what kind of accessories to add? We’ve been there before. The P365 is a great carry gun, and adding a few extra goodies can make it perfect. But what to choose?!

The first two accessories on your list should be a tactical light and a red dot optic. SIG actually makes their own red dots, the Romeo series, which compliment the P365 perfectly. A red dot is a great addition to your concealed carry gun, since it makes target acquisition lightning-fast. That’s important in any self-defense scenario.


A tactical light is also an important addition to a carry weapon. First of all, you can’t shoot what you can’t see. A tactical light can make the difference in a nighttime or low-light scenario.

That’s not the only benefit a tactical light offers, though. When you get a tactical light, you want one that will extend past your barrel. It may look odd, but if your gun physically comes in contact with an attacker’s body, it may push your slide out of battery. Having a little extra length on the end of your carry gun can prevent this. LIMA365 TRIGGER GUARD LASER

If you do add these upgrades though, you’re going to need a custom fitted concealed carry gun holster. Luckily, you’re in the right place. Let Southern Trapper build a custom gun holster to suit your needs.

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