Best Gun Holster for Running

More than 21 million Americans carry a concealed weapon as of 2021. They all carry for their own reasons, but the most common reason by far is to defend themselves. And there’s no point in time that you’re more vulnerable than running (except maybe for when you’re in the bathroom). Your brain is already in fight-or-flight mode, and you may already be physically tired. As a result, running may be one of the most important times to carry a weapon. We’ll look at the best gun holster for running or both men and women in this post.

The Best Gun Holster for Running: What to Look For

Finding the right running holster is totally different than acquiring a holster for any other situation. For one, retention is extremely important. With many concealed carry holsters, you’re looking for an easy draw. You want a holster that will hold your gun snugly, but easily relinquish it when you draw.

This is also true of a holster for running, but not necessarily to the same degree. Essentially, you’re going to want a holster with higher retention for running than you would for day-to-day use. Your holster needs to hold your gun tightly enough so that it doesn’t move while you’re running. However, since being able to draw quickly is still an option, you don’t necessarily want to include any kind of active retention devices (except for maybe a thumb break).

IWB Leather Holster

Shoulder Holsters for Running

There are a few different types of holsters that can fit this description. First, you could choose to go with some kind of shoulder holster. These kinds of holsters are some of the best for running since they keep your firearm in an easily accessible place. They also usually include a thumb break, fulfilling your need for retention.

Shoulder holsters may not be a perfect solution for you, though. For easy access, you’re going to need to wear a shoulder holster beneath a hoodie or jacket. As a result, you may not want to use these kinds of holsters if you live in a particularly warm climate.

Leather Shoulder Holster

Using Leather Concealed Carry Holsters for Jogging

Another option when choosing the best holster for jogging is to use a leather concealed carry holster. Leather clings readily to your pistol, giving it plenty of retention. As a result, you may be able to utilize a leather holster’s passive retention to hold your firearm while you run. This lack of active retention also gives a leather holster an advantage on the draw, allowing you to quickly pull your weapon even faster than with a shoulder holster. Finally, these types of holsters afford you maximum concealability.

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Womens’ Gun Holster for Running

Women face another huge challenge when it comes to finding the right gun holster for running. Often, women will carry a weapon in their purse, which doesn’t always come with them when they go for a jog. However, they can apply some of the same ideas as men can when it comes to finding the right running holster.

If you’re the kind of lady who runs with a hoodie or jacket, you can consider a shoulder holster. If you’re not, definitely consider some kind of IWB (inside the waistband) holster. You may also want to look at some specialized concealed carry clothing to help cover up your firearm.

Regardless of whether you need a shoulder holster or a leather one for your running firearm, the Southern Trapper can help. We have an extensive selection of holsters to suit any situation. To learn more, check out our selection of leather holsters here.

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