Summary Of IWB Holster With Claw Features

  • Perfect Fit - Each holster is made for your specific firearm, including firearms that have been modified with red dot sights, lasers, lights, and threaded barrels.
  • Retention - Made specifically for each firearm, our holsters are individually built using replica molds of your firearm to ensure that each holster has excellent retention and fits like a glove.
  • IWB Carry - Carry IWB only with the attached concealment claw and Ulti Clip XL or standard metal IWB clip that automatically comes with the holster
  • Secure - Sewn extra tight to provide excellent retention.
  • Comfortable - Full size sweat guard provides comfort and prevents the transfer of moisture from your body to the firearm.
  • Smooth Draw - Built with a concealment claw and Ulti Clip XL that you can change the degree cant (angle) for your preference.
  • Protects Your Firearm - Made from smooth leather to protect the finish on your firearm.
  • Optional Suede Upgrade - Upgrade the interior of your holster to suede to provide additional protection to your firearm's finish.
  • Full Coverage - Each holster will fully cover the trigger and barrel, your firearm will not stick out of the bottom.