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Alligator Bolo Tie

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Add a dash of untamed flair to your outfit with our Alligator Bolo Tie. This is not your regular accessory – it's a statement. Picture an intricately detailed alligator emblem, chillin' in its shiny glory, dangling from your neck. Whether you're suiting up or keeping it casual, this genuine alligator leather bolo tie, jazzed up with nickle accents, has got your back in style and comfort. Embrace a bit of that wild charm with our Alligator Bolo Tie – it's like a mini adventure you wear around your neck.

Dimensions of alligator emblem - 40mm x 30mm

Availability: These bolo ties are in stock, they will ship within 48-72 hours. 

Warranty: Due to the rusting characteristics of metal, our 100-year warranty does not apply to this product. Each bolo tie will have a 30-day return policy, but must be returned to use in "new or like-new" condition within 30-days of receiving the item. 

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For the reasons stated in the description, this product is not covered by our 100-Year Warranty.

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