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Alligator Apple Watch Band

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Handcrafted in the USA from genuine wild caught alligator and elk skin, this luxurious Apple Watch band surely is eye catching. The alligator exterior is available in multiple colors and is backed with wild American top grain elk skin that has been dyed black. The quick deployment clasp is designed to protect the leather and extend the lifetime of the band.  Traditional buckles require you to pull bend the leather around the buckle and into the keepers, which causes irreparable stress on the leather. You don't have to worry about that with our quick deployment clasps. 

Each Apple Watch band is available in a variety of colors and widths. The traditional and rich look to the alligator leather band will pair with any Apple Watch perfectly. 

Size/Circumference: Each watch band is 18cm in total length at the longest point and 15cm at the shortest point. 

Availability: These watch straps are in stock, they will ship within 48–72 hours. 

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Yes, if the case of your Apple Watch size is 38mm-44mm, then it should fit your watch.

If you flip over your watch to the back, it should show on the back or by checking the apple watch app on your phone.

1. Flip over your watch to see the back of the apple watch

2. Press and hold the band release button one at a time. Then slide your band across to remove it on both sides

3. If the band does not move, press the band release button again and make sure you are holding it down

4. Make sure that the black interior is facing you and the alligator is on the exterior

5. Make sure that the silver attachment points are secure on the apple watch case.

The quick release clasp is made from stainless steel.

Unfortunately, the answer is no at this time. The only clasp we have is the silver stainless steel clasp.

 No, we do not recommend getting the watch band wet. The band is sealed with a semi gloss seal to help protect against some moisture, dirt, and the dye from bleeding.

Keep away from places with high moisture. If the leather band gets wet, remove the band from the apple watch and clean with a dry cloth.

If you plan to exercise with your apple watch. Switch the leather band with another band that is dedicated to heavy sweat resistance and can get wet. 

If you notice your apple watch band begins to fade or dry out in some areas. We recommend using a very small amount of Bick4 by Bickmore to replenish the leather. We advise taking the band off your apple watch case before applying.

f you are looking for a custom color that we do not have in our color selection. Please email us a clear picture of the color you want to and we will contact you with further instructions if we can or cannot make the color for you. Depending on the color we may require an extra charge to make it.

We use genuine alligator hide on our products. The leather may be a little stiff when first worn on your wrist. Over time the leather will naturally form to your wrist and be more comfortable to wear.

If the apple watch band does not fit and you would like to return/exchange the product. Please contact us The band must be returned within 30 days of delivery and unused. Some exclusions may apply.

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