What is the Best Holster for a Staccato?

If you’re a fan of high-end 1911s, you’ve definitely heard about the Staccato. Created by STI International, the Staccato 2011 line is up there with Wilson Combat and Dan Wesson as some of the best 1911-style pistols that money can buy. However, getting your hands on a Staccato is only part of the battle. You’ll also need a holster to actually carry the gun with you. In this post, we’ll look at the Staccato P, C, C2, and XC, and recommend the best type of gun holster to carry each gun.

Staccato Holster

The Staccato: Specs and Best Holster Recommendations

The Staccato comes in 5 different variants, but we’re going to look at 4 of the most common ones in this post. Some are designed for concealment, while others emphasize high capacity and firepower. As a result, each Staccato needs a different kind of holster to get the most out of it.

Staccato P

Staccato’s flagship pistol is the Staccato P. Chambered in 9mm and featuring a 4.4 inch barrel, it’s Staccato’s “one size fits most” offering. Staccato boasts that 450 police departments nationwide have approved the Staccato P for duty use. And it’s even found a home in some units of the US military. 

The Staccato P weighs in at either 38 oz or 28 oz, depending on whether you get it in steel or aluminum. With its 8 in x 1.3 in x 5.5 in profile, it’s adept at several different situations. The Staccato P is just as at home in a concealed carry holster as it is riding your belt outside the waistband.

Staccato C

The Staccato C is the company’s foray into compact pistols. It’s still chambered in the 9mm cartridge, but has a shorter 3.8 inch barrel for easier concealment. However, that concealment comes at a cost. While the standard Staccato P magazines have a 17 round capacity, the Staccato C only has 8.

That’s because the Staccato C fits the same amount of power into a smaller package. Specifically, that size is 7.44 in x 1.07 in x 4.94 in. It also weighs less, clocking in at 26.6 oz without a magazine. Given its smaller size, the Staccato C feels like it wants to live in a concealed carry holster.

Staccato C2

Think of the Staccato C2 as a bridge between the P and the C. It has just a slightly larger profile than the normal C, but gives a shooter double the capacity with 16 rounds of 9mm. That’s just one less round than the full-size Staccato P.

Specifically, the C2’s dimensions are 7.5 in x 1.3 in x 5.5 in. That puts it squarely in between the P and C. However, the C2 is still a carry gun at its core. As a result, you’ll likely want to pick up a concealed carry holster for your Staccato C2.

Staccato holster

Staccato XC

The Staccato XC is what you get when you pack the most firepower as possible into a 2011-style gun. Like the P, it has a standard 17-round capacity with 20-round extended magazines. However, the XC’s 5-inch barrel makes target acquisition and accurate shooting a breeze. And the addition of a compensator at the end of the XC’s muzzle means it’s capable of lightning-fast follow-up shots.

With that being said, the XC is one of the biggest Staccato 2011 pistols out there. Measuring in at 8.4 in x 1.3 in x 6.0 in, it’s even bigger than the beefy P model. As a result, it’s fairly uncomfortable to concealed carry a Staccato XC - go with an open carry holster instead.

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