Holsters that prevent the finish from rubbing off

Leather holsters that don’t rub the finish off your gun.

We’ve been field testing leather holsters for a very long time and this guide will help you understand why the finish on your gun rubs off and what holsters will prevent the finish from rubbing off.

Holster that wont rub

Why a firearm’s finish will rub off in a holster – Holsters that are made from leather and kydex have contact points where the holster meets the firearm. Depending on how frequently you draw your firearm, those contact points will create friction and eventually rub the finish off your gun. If you draw your firearm every day, the friction created from the handgun rubbing against the holster while drawing or holstering will eventually rub the polish or finish off of your gun.

Gun's finish rub off

How to prevent the polish from rubbing off your gun – If you are concerned that the holster you have is rubbing the finish/polish off your gun, it’s time to get a new one. You’ll want a holster that has a smooth lining, to reduce the amount of friction that is generated from drawing & holstering the firearm. The dense hard plastic used in kydex holsters can be very abrasive and can remove the finish and leave noticeable scratches on your firearm. Leather holsters are usually softer and break in to reduce the amount of force needed to draw the firearm from the holster. We suggest choosing a leather holster that is lined with a very soft and smooth leather, which generally reduces and/or eliminates the threat of abrasive friction.

We recommend viewing these IWB and OWB holsters that are lined with a soft & smooth leather.

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