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Elk Leather Sunglass Case

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"All gentlemen with glasses deserve a nice soft case. Elk are hard to find, I am willing to bet that you know anyone with an elk leather sunglass case, so be the first to proudly use one. 

This sleek elk leather case has a nice smooth wax finish that can be personalized with up to three letters. 

It’s always clutch to have a small eyeglass case in your truck. In sunny South Carolina I wear sunglasses frequently and I used to struggle protecting my shades until I started making soft cases. 

This ELK leather sleeve is made with American rocky mt elk. This allusive species lived a long hard life out in the wild, you should expect to see scars and scratches from the ticks, wolves, bears, and people that it encountered. 

Some things don’t change, your wife will still leave her glasses in your car, but at least they won’t get scratched"- Capt Bligh

Dimensions: The entire length is 7" and the length to the shortest point where it opens is 6 1/4". The width is 3". 

Facts about Elk: 

  • An elk’s top two canine teeth are called ivories and scientists believe ivories are remnants of saber-like tusks that ancestral species of elk used in combat
  • Elk threaten each other by curling back their upper lip, grinding their teeth and hissing softly
  • There are estimated to be between 1 and 1.2m elk in the United States today

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