Pros And Cons Of Lining A Holster With Suede

All of our holsters are entirely made to order for each specific firearm from the very best materials. The process we use to prepare and treat our cowhide leather is very time consuming and expensive, however it is this process that makes our leather holsters smoother than the holsters you have used before. An optional suede lining upgrade is also available, which will make the interior of the holster even smoother.

Our Standard Holsters - Once we receive the leather from our tannery, we split the leather down to the proper thickness, we resurface the leather to make it smoother, then we slick the leather so that the fibers are all laying in the same direction.

Our Suede Lined Holsters - For a smoother surface, we can line the holster with smooth suede. You should consider the pros and cons listed below when considering adding suede to the interior of your holster.


  • Smother surface - Suede has a smoother surface and will cause less friction to be transfer from the suede to the firearm as you draw and reholster the firearm, which will help protect the finish on your firearm.


  • Suede can trap debris - The suede's micro fibers can trap tiny particles of debris, such as sand, if you use your firearm in a sandy environment. We do not recommend lining a holster with suede if you plan on using it while hunting, riding ATV's or horseback or other activities that could cause sand to get caught in suede.

Add Suede For $50

Click the button below to add suede to the interior of your holster. After your order is placed, we will reach out to you to confirm that we have updated your original order to include the smooth suede lining.