Leather Holsters For Wilson Combat

We Make Wilson Combat Leather Holsters For:

1911 4” w Rail C&L
40th Anniversary Box Set
40th Anniversary CQB Elite Model
92 Brigadier
92G Brigadier Tactical
92G Centurion Tactical
92G Vertec/Brigadier Tactical
ACP Commander
ACP Compact
ACP Full Size
BCM Gunfighter 1911
Bill Wilson Carry
C X9
California Models
Carry Comp
Carry Comp Professional
Classic Supergrade
Combat X-TAC Compact
CQB Commander
CQB Commander Compact
CQB Compact
CQB Elite
CQB Elite Commander
CQB Elite Compact
CQB Elite Professional
CQB Light-rail Lightweight
CQB LR-LW Compact
CQB Tactical LE
EDC 9 Compact
EDC 9 Professional
EDC X9 Railed
EDC X9 S Railed
Elite Professional
Experior full size 5
Experior full size 5 W/ Rail
Experior double stack full size 5
Experior double stack full size 5 W/ Rail
Experior 6 longslide
Experior 6 longslide W/ Rail
Experior compact
Experior compact W/ Rail
Experior compact double stack
Experior compact double stack W/ Rail
Experior professional
Experior professional W/ Rail
Experior commander
Experior commander W/ Rail
Experior commander double stack
Experior commander double stack W/ Rail
Experior commander compact
Experior commander compact W/ Rail
Experior sub-compact
Experior sub-compact W/ Rail
Hackathorn Special
Hackathorn Special Commander
Limited 10
Ms Sentinel
Paul Howe Package For Glock
Professional Lightweight
Professional LR-LW
Protector Compact
Protector Professional
Sentinel Compact
Sentinel Professional
Sentinel XL
SFX9 HC 3.25 Solid Frame X-TAC- 15 Round
SFX9 HC 3.25 Solid Frame X-TAC-10 Round
Super Sentinel
Supergrade Commander Special
Tactical Carry
Tactical Carry Commander
Tactical Carry Compact
Tactical Carry Professional
Tactical Elite
Tactical Supergrade
Tactical Supergrade Compact
Tactical Supergrade Professional
Texas BBQ Special
ULC Commander
ULC Commander Compact
ULC Professional
Ultralight Carry
Ultralight Carry Commander
Ultralight Carry Compact
Ultralight Carry Sentinel
Ultralight Carry Sentinel and Ms.Sentinel
Vertec/Centurion Tactical
Vickers Elite
Vickers Elite Commander
Vickers Elite Package For Glock
WC-Sig Sauer P320 Carry
WC-Sig Sauer WCP320
X-Tac Commander
X-Tac Compact
X-Tac Elite
X-Tac Elite Carry Comp
X-Tac Elite Carry Comp Pro
X-Tac Elite Compact
X-Tac Elite Professional
X-Tac Professional
X-Tac Supergrade
X-Tac Supergrade Commander
X-Tac Supergrade Compact
X-Tac Supergrade Professional

Popular Leather Holsters For Wilson Combat

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Custom Wilson Combat Holsters

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Customer Reviews

"Beyond the appearance, comfort, and quality of your holsters, you'll find pride in workmanship unlike any company I have purchased from before. My hat is off to you"

- Richard Hastings

"Your holsters are pieces of art that my children will fight over. I'll be a customer for life"

- Carl Phillips

"The quality is far superior to any holster I have ever owned. Well worth the wait. The environmental aspect is unheard of, well done"

- Stephen Kasser