The Blaser F3 Alligator Skin Shotgun

Experience the epitome of luxury with the exclusive Blaser F3 Alligator Skin Shotgun. This limited-edition masterpiece unites genuine alligator skin and meticulous engravings, forming a striking embodiment of opulence.

Alligator Motif Engraved Side Plate

The luxurious and beautifully detailed side plate and throw switch show the full depiction of alligators in their natural habitat.
Made from metal these engravings will last longer than the prehistoric alligators themselves.

Wood Grade 9 Engraved Stock

Genuine alligator leather comb and slip recoil pad for optimum protection of the shoulder and smoother shooting.

Available In 3 Fore-End Options

Forearm English Style, Forearm Schnabel, or Forearm Semi-Beavertail.

Behold a shotgun that redefines elegance. Crafted with genuine alligator skin, the Blaser F3 showcases intricate engravings of alligators on its side plates. The blend of texture and artistry is a tribute to nature's beauty.

Beyond its allure, the Grade 9 wood stock features an alligator scale engraving, fusing aesthetics with comfort. This shotgun is not only a visual marvel but also a precision-engineered tool. It excels in both competitive shooting and upland game hunting, embodying versatility.

Owning the Blaser F3 Alligator Skin Shotgun means possessing more than a firearm—it's an investment in heritage. With limited availability, it appreciates in value over time, becoming a cherished collector's item. From its lavish exterior to its exceptional performance, it stands as an everlasting symbol of sophistication.

In the realm of sporting arms, the limited edition custom Blaser F3 Alligator Skin Shotgun stands as a pinnacle of opulence and craftsmanship. Its genuine alligator skin, detailed engravings, Grade 9 wood stock, and exceptional performance capabilities make it an embodiment of luxury and utility. Whether it graces the field for upland game hunting or takes center stage in a competitive shooting event, this shotgun transcends its role, becoming a symbol of refined taste and an investment in timeless elegance.

Customizable Features

Adjustable gold-colored trigger made from titanium-nitrided.

The Balancer system allows the adjustment of the weight distribution to your personal needs. The system consists of two components: the stock balancer and the barrel balancer. The stock balancer is a threaded rod that can be equipped with one or two weight cylinders. 

The barrel weight can be increased by up to 170 g (6 lb) using balancer weights.

The stock is sculpted from the finest grade 9 wood.

  • The stock comes with a slip recoil pad wrapped in genuine alligator for optimum protection of the shoulder and smooth shooting

Available in competition-grade barrels for the highest level of shooting.

28" (71 cm), 30" (76 cm), or 32" (81 cm).

Each F3 is available as full left-hand version

  • .12-gauge (3")
  • Optionally available in 20-gauge (3"), 28-gauge (2¾") or .410
  • Unlimited steel proofing up to half choke. A choke wrench is included in the delivery.
  • Optional for a surcharge: extended Briley Spectrum chokes, interchangeable by hand or wrench.