.222 Rem Review: Pros and cons of the .222 Rem

The .222 Remington is a classic cartridge that was first introduced in the 1950s. It was designed as a varmint hunting cartridge and quickly gained popularity among shooters. In this blog, we will discuss the pros and cons of the .222 Remington and why it has remained a popular cartridge among hunters and shooters for over 70 years.


  1. Accuracy: The .222 Remington is known for its excellent accuracy. It has a reputation for producing tight groups at long ranges, making it an ideal choice for varmint hunting and target shooting.

  2. Low Recoil: The .222 Remington has very low recoil, making it a pleasure to shoot. This low recoil makes it an ideal choice for shooters who want to shoot frequently or who are recoil-sensitive.

  3. Flat Trajectory: The .222 Remington has a flat trajectory, which makes it easier to hit targets at longer ranges. This flat trajectory is due to the cartridge's high velocity, which allows it to maintain its speed over long distances.

  4. Versatile: While the .222 Remington was designed as a varmint hunting cartridge, it can also be used for other types of shooting. It is an effective cartridge for small game hunting, and it can also be used for target shooting and plinking.


  1. Limited Application: The .222 Remington is not suitable for larger game animals or self-defense situations. This limited application means that shooters who want a cartridge for multiple uses may need to consider other options.

  2. Limited Availability: The .222 Remington is not as widely available as some other cartridges. While it can be found at many sporting goods stores and online retailers, it may not be available at all stores. This limited availability can make it more difficult to find ammunition and reloading components.

  3. Barrel Wear: The high velocity of the .222 Remington can cause increased barrel wear over time. Shooters who shoot frequently or use the cartridge for long-range target shooting may need to replace their barrels more often than with other cartridges.

  4. Wind Sensitivity: The flat trajectory of the .222 Remington makes it very sensitive to wind drift. Shooters who are shooting at long ranges or in windy conditions may need to adjust their aim to compensate for wind drift.

The .222 Remington is a classic cartridge that has remained popular among shooters for over 70 years. Its accuracy, low recoil, flat trajectory, and versatility make it an ideal choice for varmint hunting and target shooting. However, its limited application, limited availability, barrel wear, and wind sensitivity are some of the drawbacks to consider when choosing this cartridge. Ultimately, the decision to use the .222 Remington will depend on the shooter's specific needs and preferences.

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