What are the Best Custom Holsters for men?

If you’re looking for the best custom holster, you’ll find endless search results on google, leading you down a rabbit hole. 

Here are some things to look for when searching for the best custom holsters.  

 Best Custom Holster

Materials – You’ll want your holster maker to use the highest quality materials in the creation of your custom holster. Your holster maker can buy leather anywhere online, but the best custom holsters are made from hand selected leather. Whether it’s a standard cowhide holster, or an alligator handgun holster, you’ll want your maker to select the highest quality leather when making your holster. For instance, we work with hundreds of alligator wrestlers across the Southeast and we hand select our alligator hides from them. Our hand selected, hand wrestled, alligator hides assure our custom alligator holsters are made with the best quality leather possible.

Design & Craftsmanship – You’ll want a holster that you can wear comfortably and show off, forever. That means, the maker needs to know how to carefully make custom holsters to break in comfortably, and how to design holsters to have a timeless look. We field test all our holsters to assure they will withstand any abuse mother nature may throw at you. A great holster maker’s mission is to assure that their customers will love their custom holster from day 1, to the day they pass it on to their son or daughter.

 Best Custom Alligator Handgun Holster

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