How RFID Blocking Wallets Work

RFID Blocking Wallet Guide

Radio-Frequency Identification Blocking Wallets – How they work and which types are the best for you.

Cybercrime is an emerging problem that is only getting worse. By 2021, cybercrime is expected to cost the world 6 trillion dollars… and you may be the next victim. How will you protect yourself?

Protecting yourself from cyber criminals is challenging, but an easy thing you can do today, is to buy an RFID-blocking wallet. Originally intended to transfer and store data between consumers and retailers, RFID readers are now available online for criminals to use to steal your personal credit card information.

What is RFID? - Credit cards emit radio waves that thieves with scanners can rip information from. The secret to RFID-blocking wallets is the conductive ripstop fabric that is made from a combination of nickel and copper, which creates an electromagnetic faraday cage around your wallet.

What is a faraday cage? - Have you ever stepped into an elevator while on the phone and lost the signal? Just like a credit card, your cell phone uses radio waves to communicate, and while in an enclosed elevator, the radio waves have no way of penetrating the metal elevator walls. When an RFID-emitting device enters an enclosed metal cage, the walls act like barriers and prevent the signals from exiting the cage.

RFID faraday cage

The best RFID-blocking wallets create enclosed metal barriers, similar to an elevator, that prevent radio waves from penetrating the wallet. It has been rumored that some wallet companies use tin foil, but we have not found any evidence supporting that rumor. Rest assured, our leather RFID-blocking wallets are made from a highly conductive ripstop fabric that prevents credit card scanners from reading your credit cards.

We recommend looking at the best RFID-blocking wallets here.

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