What is a Thumb Break?

Are you searching for some kind of holster with a classic and reliable retention system? A thumb break holster may just be what you’re looking for. Thumb breaks have been around forages, and they’re one of the most common additions to a leather holster. In this post, we’ll look at exactly what a thumb break is and why it’s become so popular for many firearms including the legendary 1911.

What is a Thumb Break Holster

A thumb break is one of the earliest additions humans have made to the classic leather holster. Essentially, a thumb break is a loop that passes over the rear of a firearm and holds it inside the holster. Many thumb breaks utilize a metal snap button to retain a firearm, although many companies have created their own differing adaptations of this classic design. A thumb break is one of the simplest retention devices you can use for a metal holster.

OWB Holster With Thumb Break

Pros and Cons of a Thumb Break Holster

There are plenty of reasons to use a thumb break on a holster – especially a leather one. As we mentioned before, a thumb break actively keeps your weapon attached to your body and in its holster. That’s important for anyone who’s going to be engaging in any intense activity while carrying their gun.

For example, say you’re a police officer and you need to take down a suspect. You don’t want them to be able to grab your own weapon and use it against you. Or, you could be carrying a weapon while riding a vehicle or horse. In that case, it’s just as important to keep your pistol safely attached to your body.

However, thumb breaks aren’t perfect. In fact, there are several reasons you may not want a holster with one. For instance, concealed carry holsters generally don’t need them. The whole point is to hide your gun, so you don’t need to worry about anyone grabbing it when you’re not paying attention.

In addition, the metal clasps that thumb breaks use may end up scratching your weapon. As a result, you may not want to use a holster with a thumb break if you have a particularly nice gun that you’re worried about scratching.

Black Cowhide Holster With Thumb Break

1911 Thumb Break Holsters

One type of thumb break holster that’s become increasingly popular is for 1911 pistols. That’s because 1911s have a defined, flared grip on their hand safety. The distinctive “beavertail” grip holds the thumb break in place, ensuring that it won’t slide off of the gun even during the most rigorous of activity.

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Cross Draw with thumb break

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