SUREFIRE XVL2-IRC Review: Pros and cons of the SUREFIRE XVL2-IRC

The SUREFIRE XVL2-IRC is a high-performance weapon light and laser module designed for use in low light and no-light situations. This device is built for durability and can withstand even the harshest conditions. In this blog, we will take a closer look at the pros and cons of this device.


  1. Dual Functionality: The SUREFIRE XVL2-IRC is designed to provide both illumination and aiming capabilities. It comes with a white light LED and a high-output infrared LED, allowing for use in both low light and no-light environments. The laser module provides precise aiming capability, making it easier to hit your target accurately.

  2. Compact Size: The XVL2-IRC is compact and lightweight, making it easy to handle and use. It weighs just 4.7 ounces, which makes it ideal for mounting on a firearm without adding any unnecessary weight or bulk.

  3. Easy to Use: The XVL2-IRC is easy to use, thanks to its intuitive controls. The user can easily switch between light and laser modes using the switch located on the back of the device. The device can also be programmed to activate in a momentary or constant-on mode.

  4. Durable: The XVL2-IRC is built to last. It is constructed from high-strength aerospace aluminum, which makes it durable and resistant to impact. It is also waterproof and can withstand submersion in up to 66 feet of water.


  1. High Cost: The SUREFIRE XVL2-IRC is a high-end device, and it comes with a correspondingly high price tag. This may make it unaffordable for some users who are on a tight budget.

  2. Limited Battery Life: The XVL2-IRC has a battery life of just 1.5 hours when used continuously in white light mode. This means that users will need to carry spare batteries or recharge the device frequently during use.

  3. Limited Laser Range: The XVL2-IRC has a maximum laser range of just 25 meters. This may not be sufficient for users who need to engage targets at longer ranges.

  4. Limited Compatibility: The XVL2-IRC is designed to be used with SUREFIRE's proprietary mounts, which may limit its compatibility with certain firearms or mounting systems.

The SUREFIRE XVL2-IRC is a high-quality weapon light and laser module that provides dual functionality, compact size, and durability. However, it also comes with a high cost and limited battery life and laser range, which may make it less suitable for some users. If you're in the market for a reliable and high-performing device that can handle low light and no-light situations, the SUREFIRE XVL2-IRC is definitely worth considering.

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 SUREFIRE XVL2-IRC Review: Pros and cons of the SUREFIRE XVL2-IRC