CRIMSON TRACE LG-451 Review: Pros and cons of the CRIMSON TRACE LG-451

CRIMSON TRACE LG-451: Pros and Cons

Crimson Trace is a well-known brand that produces a wide range of laser sights for firearms. Among their offerings is the LG-451, a red laser sight designed for use with certain Smith & Wesson M&P handguns. In this blog, we'll take a closer look at the pros and cons of the LG-451. You can find comfortable holsters here.


  1. Accurate and Reliable: The LG-451 is designed to be extremely accurate and reliable, allowing shooters to quickly and easily acquire targets. The laser sight is adjustable for both windage and elevation, allowing shooters to make precise adjustments to ensure that their shots are on target.

  2. Easy to Install: The LG-451 is designed to be easy to install, and can be done without the need for professional gunsmithing. The laser sight attaches to the handgun's trigger guard, and can be easily adjusted to fit a wide range of different M&P models.

  3. Compact Design: The LG-451 is designed to be compact and lightweight, making it easy to carry and use. The laser sight adds very little weight to the firearm, and does not affect the balance or handling of the gun.

  4. Long Battery Life: The LG-451 is powered by a single CR2025 battery, which provides up to four hours of continuous use. The battery is easily replaceable, and can be found at most stores that carry watch batteries.


  1. Limited Compatibility: The LG-451 is only compatible with certain Smith & Wesson M&P models, and may not work with other firearms. It's important to check compatibility before purchasing this laser sight.

  2. Red Laser: While the LG-451's red laser is highly visible in low light conditions, it may not be as visible in bright daylight. Some shooters prefer green lasers for this reason, as they tend to be more visible in all lighting conditions.

  3. Price: The LG-451 is not the most expensive laser sight on the market, but it is still relatively pricey. Some shooters may find the cost prohibitive, especially if they only use their firearm for occasional target shooting or hunting.

The Crimson Trace LG-451 is an accurate and reliable laser sight that is easy to install and use. While it has some limitations in terms of compatibility and may not be as visible in bright daylight, it is a solid choice for Smith & Wesson M&P owners who are looking to improve their accuracy and target acquisition.

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CRIMSON TRACE LG-451 Review: Pros and cons of the CRIMSON TRACE LG-451