Wilson Combat SFX9 4 Review: Pros and cons of the SFX9 4

The Wilson Combat SFX9 4 is a high-quality, custom 1911-style pistol designed for concealed carry and personal defense. Here are some of the pros and cons of this firearm:


  1. Reliability: The SFX9 4 is built to withstand heavy use and is designed to be reliable in a wide range of conditions.

  2. Customization: This pistol is highly customizable, with a wide range of options for customization and upgrades, including sights, triggers, and grips.

  3. Ergonomics: The SFX9 4 has an ergonomic design, with a comfortable grip and a low profile that makes it easy to carry and handle.

  4. Accuracy: With a 4-inch barrel and a solid frame, the SFX9 4 provides excellent accuracy and is easy to control and shoot.


  1. Price: The SFX9 4 is a custom pistol, which means that it comes with a premium price tag.

  2. Availability: Because it is a custom pistol, the SFX9 4 is only available through a select few dealers, and may be difficult to find.

  3. Maintenance: Like any high-quality pistol, the SFX9 4 requires regular maintenance and cleaning to keep it in good working condition.

In conclusion, the Wilson Combat SFX9 4 is a top-of-the-line pistol that provides excellent reliability, customization, ergonomics, and accuracy. However, its premium price and limited availability may make it less appealing to some buyers.

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Wilson Combat SFX9 4 Review: Pros and cons of the SFX9 4