Nighthawk Custom Kestrel Review: Pros and cons of the Kestrel

Nighthawk Custom is a well-known manufacturer of high-end custom 1911 pistols, and the Kestrel is one of their flagship models. The Kestrel is a compact 1911 designed for concealed carry, and it is available in both government and commander sizes. In this blog, we will discuss the pros and cons of the Nighthawk Custom Kestrel.


  1. Exceptional accuracy: The Kestrel is known for its exceptional accuracy, thanks to its match-grade barrel and tight tolerances. It is designed to shoot tight groups at long distances, making it an ideal choice for target shooting and competition.

  2. Customization options: Nighthawk Custom offers a wide range of customization options for the Kestrel, including various finishes, grips, and sights. This means that you can tailor the gun to your specific preferences, ensuring that it feels and looks exactly the way you want it to.

  3. Excellent trigger: The Kestrel features a crisp and clean trigger pull that breaks cleanly and predictably. This trigger is designed to enhance accuracy and improve shooting performance, making it a pleasure to shoot.

  4. Smooth cycling: The Kestrel's slide-to-frame fit is tight and smooth, which makes cycling the gun a breeze. The gun has been engineered to minimize recoil and maximize control, ensuring that you can shoot it quickly and accurately.

  5. High-quality materials: The Kestrel is made from high-quality materials, including stainless steel and aluminum. This makes it a durable and reliable choice for everyday carry.


  1. Price: As with most high-end custom 1911 pistols, the Kestrel is expensive. It is a significant investment, and not everyone can afford to spend this much money on a handgun.

  2. Heavy weight: While the Kestrel is compact, it is still a heavy gun. This can make it uncomfortable to carry for extended periods of time, especially if you are not used to carrying a heavy firearm.

  3. Limited capacity: The Kestrel is a single-stack 1911, which means that its capacity is limited to 7 or 8 rounds. While this is standard for a compact 1911, it may not be ideal for some users who prefer higher-capacity firearms.

  4. Limited availability: Nighthawk Custom produces a limited number of Kestrels each year, and they can be difficult to find in stock. This may be a drawback for those who are eager to purchase one but are unable to find one available.

The Nighthawk Custom Kestrel is a high-quality, accurate, and customizable 1911 that is well-suited for concealed carry. While it may be expensive and heavy, it offers exceptional accuracy, a smooth cycling action, and a high-quality trigger. If you are in the market for a high-end 1911 for concealed carry, the Kestrel is definitely worth considering.

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Nighthawk Custom Kestrel Review: Pros and cons of the Kestrel