Dan Wesson Valkyrie Review: Pros and cons of the Valkyrie

Dan Wesson firearms have been an industry standard for decades, and their Valkyrie 9mm pistol is no exception. The Dan Wesson Valkyrie is designed as a modern take on the classic 1911 design, with a few modern updates for the discerning shooter. Let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of the Dan Wesson Valkyrie.


  1. Quality construction: The Dan Wesson Valkyrie is built to last, with a forged aluminum frame and slide that offer both durability and reduced weight. The pistol also features a stainless steel match-grade barrel and trigger.
  2. Enhanced grip: The Valkyrie’s frame has been enhanced with a stippled grip, which provides better purchase and control when firing.
  3. Accurate shooting: The Valkyrie’s match-grade barrel and crisp trigger pull allow for pinpoint accuracy, making it an ideal choice for competition shooting or target practice.
  4. Modern safety features: The Valkyrie includes modern safety features such as an extended thumb safety, a beavertail grip safety, and a firing pin block safety.
  5. Aesthetics: The Valkyrie has a sleek, modern design with a two-tone finish and fiber optic front sight, making it an attractive addition to any collection.


  1. Price: The Dan Wesson Valkyrie is not an inexpensive pistol, and may be out of reach for some shooters who are on a budget.
  2. Limited availability: Dan Wesson is a relatively small company, and the Valkyrie may not be readily available in all markets.
  3. Recoil: Some users have reported that the Valkyrie’s lightweight design and 9mm chambering can lead to increased felt recoil, which may impact accuracy for some users.
  4. Magazine capacity: The Valkyrie’s single-stack magazine holds only 8 rounds, which is lower than some other 9mm pistols on the market.

Overall, the Dan Wesson Valkyrie is an excellent choice for shooters who demand high quality and precision in their firearms. While it may be a bit more expensive than some other options, the Valkyrie’s modern safety features, accurate shooting, and attractive design make it a compelling choice for those who are willing to pay a premium for a top-quality pistol.

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Dan Wesson Valkyrie Review: Pros and cons of the Valkyrie