Best Holster for Suppressor Height Sights

Are you thinking about taking the silencer plunge? There are tons of benefits to using a silencer with a pistol. However, you’ll also need to invest in some upgrades for your kit. And newer silencer owners often overlook two of them. Those upgrades include suppressor height sights and a holster to match. We’ll take a look at both of these pieces of gear, including the best holster for suppressor height sights, in this post.

Suppressor Height Sights

A pistol with standard sights - you won't be able to see over the suppressor.

Benefits of a Pistol Silencer

When you really stop and think about it, a silencer is mostly a safety device. By reducing the sound of your shots, you’ll be helping to save your ears and the people around you. In fact, a silencer can help reduce the sound of a 9mm by almost 20 times. 

A silencer can also be an extremely useful tool for home defense. Say you wake up to a loud bang in the middle of the night. Your first impulse may be to grab a handgun and go investigate.

However, if you actually discharge your handgun inside the house, everyone’s going deaf - you, anyone you live with, the potential home invader, and your dog. After all, while many of us may have a handgun in the nightstand, far fewer of us also keep our ear protection there.

But with a silencer, you don’t need to worry about that. Don’t get us wrong, it’s still going to be a loud affair. But you’ll probably still be able to hear the police asking you questions when they show up to take your statement.

What are Suppressor Height Sights

Okay, so we’ve established why suppressors are so great. But now, we’re going to look at some of the upgrades that go hand-in-hand with silencers. One of the most important ones are suppressor height sights

Suppressor height sights are exactly what they sound like. They’re iron sights that are slightly bigger than the standard ones you’d find on your pistol. That’s because silencers generally have a much wider diameter than a normal barrel does - often 1.25 inches, to be exact. As a result, they tend to block out the sight picture from standard pistol irons.

Suppressor height sights combat this. They elevate your sight picture above the diameter of your silencer, giving you the ability to aim with the device connected. And while these are essential tools to anyone with a silenced pistol, they’re not the only piece of gear you need to upgrade. 

Best Holster for Suppressor Height Sights

What is the Best Holster for Suppressor Height Sights?

There’s only one real drawback to adding suppressor height sights to your pistol. After you do, it won’t fit into standard holsters. Instead, you’re going to need a custom gun holster after you add a silencer to your pistol

And if you’re looking for the best holster for suppressor height sights, you’re already in the right place. At Southern Trapper, we’ve already helped countless customers find the best holster for their suppressor height sight pistols. To learn more, browse our complete selection here.