Zebra bag
Zebra Briefcase

Zebra Bag

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This Zebra bag is made entirely from the head and shoulders of a Zebra that was killed by a pride of lions. Since the rest of the hide was damaged, we only had the head and shoulders to work with. Looking at the Zebra's face, you can tell how beautiful and intricate their natural fur is. This Zebra bag is not only one of a kind, but it will turn heads everywhere you go. This is part of Captain Bligh's personal collection of exotic products. 

Specs: 3 portfolio style pockets, 2 pockets for notes & business cards, 3 pen holders, 1 medium size snap pocket for smaller items. 

Dimensions - 17 Inches wide x 15 inches tall x 5.5 Inches deep. Space: 1402 cubic inches. 

Zebra Briefcase
Zebra leather bag
zebra leather briefcase