Zebra rifle case
Exotic leather rifle case

Wildebeest & Zebra Rifle Case

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Whether you're heading out in the Sahara to hunt a Sable, or you're sitting with a cold one in a deer stand, our rifle cases will withstand whatever adventure you find yourself on. Made from the highest quality leathers, our rifle cases are designed to last longer than you- think you're tough, think again. 

This rifle case is made from genuine wildebeest and zebra leather and has a soft padded liner, to protect your rifle. Whether your rifle was pasted down from your grandfather, or you just picked it up from the local gun shop, our rifle cases will make you feel proud of your firearm.  After you're gone, your children will fight over who gets your rifle case. 

Zebra rifle case

Exotic leather rifle case
Wildebeest rifle case
zebra rifle case
southern trapper
exotic leather rifle case
exotic rifle case
nice rifle case
wildebeest rifle case