Brown universal leather holster
Brown leather holster

Custom Holster - Light Brown

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Welcome to our custom workshop - Here are a few tips to consider while designing your custom handgun holster. 

Click the "Customize" button to launch our virtual custom holster builder. 

1) Please upload PNG Files with transparent backgrounds - PNG files with transparent backgrounds work best with our virtual custom holster builder. 

2) Colors - All files will be engraved the same color (black). If you submit a file that contains colors, those colors will be converted to Grayscale prior engraving. 

3) Lighter color leathers have better visibility -  In terms of visibility, holsters that are Saddle Tan or Light Brown will have the best results. Dark Brown holsters will have less visibility but are still noticeable. 
Custom holsters
4) Depending on the size & shape of your firearm, your holster may look slightly different. Each firearm has a unique shape and our expert craftsman will be sure to replicate your design as closely as we can. 
Custom leather holster
5) Firearm Make & Model - In the notes section, please note who the manufacturer of your firearm is, what the model number is, and how long the barrel is. 
6) Within 24 hours of placing your order, you'll receive a call from our craftsman to confirm the details of your custom holster order. 
7) Lead Time - Each holster is made to order and our current lead time is roughly 2-3 weeks
8) For questions, please send us an email and attach your artwork or by calling 843-501-2771. 
Brown leather holster
Custom Holster - Light Brown