genuine alligator card holder
Brown Alligator card holder

The "Gator" Credit Card & Cash Holder

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The Gator credit card & cash holder is comprised of hand selected sustainably sourced American Alligator- Let’s not beat around the bush, for its size, this sweet southern belle offers an impressive level of functionality.  The sensational texture of our wild alligator hides would have stopped Davey Crocket in his tracks. Hand burnished with wax to impart a rich surface, the wallet beautifully darkens over time.  This sleek and light-weight wallet is made with the toughest part of the hide to neither tatter nor fall apart. 

Each Gator credit card & cash holder has 2 slots for credit cards on each side, and will comfortably hold 3-4 cards in each slot (12-20 cards). There is also a hidden middle compartment, where you can stash your cash. 

Made entirely by hand, from hand wrestled alligator hides, this wallet is filled with character and is a conversation piece. Made so tough, your kids will fight over it for generations.  

Brown Alligator card holder
black alligator card holder with cash

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