CognacAlligator skin holster
"The Commander" Alligator Holster
"The Commander" Alligator Holster

"The Commander" Alligator Holster

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Alligator Leather Holster

Carry Both IWB and OWB

The Commander is a leather handgun holster made from genuine American Alligator leather. Made entirely by hand in the USA, your children will wear this holster with pride, once you’ve passed it down.

Leather Sample Booklet

Undecided? Order a "Risk Free" leather sample booklet today, includes free shipping and returns. After ordering your swatch booklet receive a $5.99 credit towards your first purchase or return it for a full refund!

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The North Pole is not the only place with a magical workshop - Discover the tale of Southern Trapper and the magical craftsmen behind it.

99.1% Customer Satisfaction

"Just perfect and very comfortable sitting/driving and standing. Fit is excellent. Gun is snug but easy to draw. Craftsmanship is top notch - on par with a good pair of custom boots."
- Mark of Houston, TX

"After ordering a new alligator wallet I decided I needed a holster to match. I ordered the holster and anxiously awaited the delivery. It showed up a day before my next IDPA match. Break in on my holster took all of about 5 minutes and it performed perfectly during the match. I took a bit of good natured ribbing for having the best looking holster there. Thanks Southern Trapper for another wonderful product I can be proud of for years to come! The actual products look better in person than they do in the photos, so if you are on the fence jump over and indulge yourself. You will not regret your decision."
- Brad of Florence, KY

100-Year Warranty...

Our philosophy is simple - Exceed your expectations no matter the cost. We'll never mass-produce and we'll never sacrifice quality. Nothing will ever leave our shop unless we're certain that it will last 100-years or more. Every piece of leather is built with pride and integrity to provide a lifetime of satisfaction. We're so confident in our talented craftsmen, durable materials, and outstanding designs, that we warranty them against workmanship for 100 years.

OWB / IWB Combo Holster...

Quickly transition from outside the waistband (OWB) to inside the waistband (IWB) by attaching our metal IWB clips. The attachable metal clips are rugged and reliable, and we’ll replace them if they ever fail. This hybrid concealed carry holster is perfect for IWB and OWB.

Comfortably draw and re-holster the firearm...  

Made specifically for each firearm, our holsters are individually built for each pistol, to ensure that each holster has excellent retention and fits like a glove. During the fitting process, your holster will be molded with a 5-ton hydraulic press to form the shape of your firearm - your holster will fit like a glove.  

Leather with “Gentleman-like traits”...

Our holsters are soft & strong and are ready for anything. We pride ourselves on offering undoubtedly reliable holsters that are comfortably casual, even while under pressure. The water resistant finish provides protection against rain, sleet, and snow. Our leather holsters age with a natural patina and enhance with wear.  

Reinforced Opening... 

The reinforced opening makes it easier to re-holster the firearm under normal and stressful situations. You’ll be able to safely and confidently re-holster your firearm, without the holster's mouth obstructing your access.

Slots for any belt...

Wear our holsters with almost any belt of your choosing. All Southern Trapper belt slots are cut for 1.75" belts and lower, and if you need an even bigger slot give us a call at 843-501-2771 and we'll customize the holster for whichever size you need. Never struggle to find a holster for your biggest belts again.

Never sacrifice quality and never mass produce...

Nothing profoundly satisfying happens overnight, including our holsters. Our team of master craftsmen delicately handcraft each holster entirely by hand. While you may think we’re out fishing, we’re actually meticulously perfecting your holster to ensure it will provide generational satisfaction. Your grandchildren will enjoy it as much as you did. Our current lead time is between 7-8 weeks before your holster will ship.

Field Tested...

Field tested by dads, cowboys, law enforcement, professional athletes, game wardens, and by our nation’s war hero's, our collections will outlast and outperform all. Like a great hunting dog, our holsters are there when you need them.

Alligator holster
"The Commander" Alligator Holster
"The Commander" Alligator Holster
"The Commander" Alligator Holster
"The Commander" Alligator Holster
"The Commander" Alligator Holster

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