Alligator holster for Kimber
Alligator Universal holster

Chestnut Brown Alligator Holster

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Alligator Leather OWB Holster

This genuine Alligator handgun holster is made entirely by hand in the USA! Whether you carry for work or just while at the range, our exotic leather holsters are tough enough to withstand any situation you find yourself in. A lot more went into this holster than you might think - we begin with 12 oz vegetable tan cowhide leather, which we source from farmers across this great lands of ours. We line the cowhide with a soft suede, to assure your polished handgun continues to shine. Once the cowhide and suede are in place, we add a durable layer of Alligator, to give the holster a look you'll drool over. While the holster is flexible and comfortable, the durable layers of leather prevent it from ever wearing out. Of course, a holster is never complete without sealing the edges and punching out the belt loops. 

We made this collection so it will be the last holster you buy - Universally designed, you'll be able to proudly carry this holster as long as you live. This holster will hold nearly all semi-automatic handgun, and is not designed for revolvers. 

Universal exotic leather holster

Alligator Universal holster
Exotic leather universal holster