Black ostrich leg belt
Black ostrich leg belt

Midnight Black Ostrich Leg Belt

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Black ostrich leg belt

Black Ostrich Leg Belt 

Our genuine Ostrich leg belts are made entirely by hand and are meticulously designed from individually selected Ostrich skins. Sourced sustainably across the world, each hide has its own unique character and story.

Whether you’re a businessman slaughtering the competition or a cowboy getting pinned by a bull, our proudly made Ostrich belts will withstand any abuse you throw at it.

Our sustainably sourced and humanely harvested wild leather belts are:

  • Made in America 
  • Built to last out of genuine Ostrich
  • Are available in any size a
  • 1.0", 1.25", or 1.5" wide
  • Stitched from head to tail 

Ostrich leg belt

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    Black ostrich leg belt for men

    Black ostrich leg belt