STI Holster Wholesale Program

Wholesale STI Holsters

We make leather holsters for all of the popular and hard-to-find STI handguns. Our leather holsters are entirely handmade in the USA and are backed by an unbeatable 100-Year Warranty. With no minimum order quantities or annual fees, our holster wholesale program is ideal for STI dealers who carry a limited supply of STI models. Building holsters for firearms with red dot sights and laser/light attachments is our specialty. As a member of our wholesale program, you'll receive a 25% discount on all of our leather holsters, belts, and mag holders. Interested in learning more? Order a free sample booklet, drop us a line by using the contact form below, or give us a call!

No Minimum Orders

You can participate in our wholesale program with no minimum order quantity or annual fees.

Easy Ordering

Order directly online or call at 843-501-277 to order by phone.

Lead Times

Each holster is made to order for each specific STI model. Our current lead time is 6-8 weeks.

We Make Holsters For:

Staccato C
Staccato P
Duty One Lite 3 (1911)
Elektra (1911)
Escort (1911)
Guardian (1911)
Edge (2011)
Executive (2011)
Guardian 3.9” (2011)
Marauder (2011)
Nitro 10 (1911)
Nitro 10mm Tactical (2011)
Tactical DS (2011)
Tactical Lite (2011)
Apeiro (2011)
Costa Carry Comp (2011)
Costa Ludus (2011)
Duty One (1911)
Eagle (1911)
Hex Tac (1911)
Hex Tac (2011)
Omni (2011)
Perfect 10 (2011)
Range Master (1911)
Tactical SS (1911)
Trojan (1911)
Shadow (1911)
Sentinel (1911)
Spartan I or II or III
Target Master
Combat Master

Here's What You Can Expect

Leather Sample Booklet

To help your customers choose the right color, we offer free alligator leather sample booklets. Choose from our most popular colors, or special order a color over the phone. Our sample booklets ship free and arrive within 5 days.

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