Smith & Wesson Carry Comp 3 Review: Pros and cons of the Carry Comp 3

Smith & Wesson is a well-known firearms manufacturer that has been producing high-quality guns for over 150 years. One of their popular models is the Smith & Wesson Carry Comp 3, a compact revolver designed for concealed carry. In this blog, we'll discuss the pros and cons of this firearm.


  1. Compact Size: The Smith & Wesson Carry Comp 3 is a small, lightweight revolver that is easy to conceal. It has a 1.875-inch barrel and an overall length of 6.5 inches, making it a great option for everyday carry.

  2. Reduced Recoil: The Carry Comp 3 features a unique barrel design that reduces recoil and muzzle rise, making it easier to control during rapid-fire situations. This makes it a great choice for those who want a powerful firearm that is easy to handle.

  3. Durable Construction: The revolver is made of high-quality materials and is built to last. The frame is made of aluminum alloy and the cylinder is made of stainless steel, ensuring that it can withstand heavy use.

  4. Adjustable Sights: The revolver features a front sight that is adjustable for windage, making it easy to customize your aim. This is particularly useful for those who need to make quick, accurate shots in self-defense situations.


  1. Limited Capacity: The Carry Comp 3 is a revolver, which means it has a limited capacity of only 5 rounds. This can be a disadvantage compared to other firearms that have larger capacities.

  2. Price: The Smith & Wesson Carry Comp 3 is not the most affordable firearm on the market. It is priced higher than many other revolvers and semi-automatic pistols, which may make it less accessible to some buyers.

  3. No Manual Safety: The revolver does not have a manual safety, which can be a concern for some users. This means that the firearm can be fired accidentally if the trigger is pulled while the gun is loaded.

  4. Recoil: Despite the reduced recoil design, the Carry Comp 3 still produces a significant amount of recoil. This may make it difficult for some users to shoot accurately, especially if they are not experienced with firearms.

The Smith & Wesson Carry Comp 3 is a well-made revolver that is designed for concealed carry. It is small, lightweight, and easy to handle, making it a great option for those who need a powerful firearm for self-defense. However, it does have some drawbacks, such as limited capacity and no manual safety. Overall, the Carry Comp 3 is a good choice for those who want a reliable, durable revolver for everyday carry.

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Smith & Wesson Carry Comp 3 Review: Pros and cons of the Carry Comp 3