Our Mission

At Southern Trapper, we pride ourselves on offering unique & one-of-a-kind leather goods.  Before anything leaves our shop, we make sure that it is ready to provide a lifetime of service to our customers. 

OUR MISSION is to offer the highest quality leather goods that are designed to last a lifetime. Its not about the money, it's about inspiring customers to love and cherish our collections. We never cut corners, use cheap leather, or put something together quickly- Our processes are designed to create the longest lasting leather goods that your children will fight over once you're gone. 


  • Craft exceptional products using raw materials and tools that are 100% sourced from artisans within the USA.
  • Make a difference in the lives of "at-risk" students. We are fully committed to helping local, underprivileged students acquire the skills, experience, and work ethic necessary to succeed in our modern economy - and in life.

"The Southern Trapper is about more than just wallets. Our hope is to ignite the entrepreneurial spirit of the at-risk students we mentor by teaching them our trade and providing them with opportunities to flourish in the workforce."

— Dane Bligh, President